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Date 8/16/2021


Minecraft game, depict your unlimited creativity

Minecraft game is one of Mojang game development studio's most popular, well-known, and entertaining mind games, various versions of which have been published by the same studio for computer and mobile operating systems. Some of the top streamers that are active on Twitch and YouTube are still interested in this game.

The PC version of the Minecraft game was released as the alpha version in 2009, and after releasing a series of updates for the alpha version, the original and final version was released in 2011.

In the same year, versions of the game were released for Android and iOS, and the following year, a version of the Minecraft game was released for the Xbox 360.

All versions of Minecraft are updating from that time until now, and it seems that Mojang is not going to stop soon. Minecraft is a three-dimensional game (of course in the house building part of the game) that does not follow a particular goal, and the player can choose how to play it completely freely.

Minecraft gameplay

In a way, Minecraft gameplay can be considered infinite because there are always things that the player has not made or discovered. In each part of the Minecraft game, you can experience a different and vast world. In fact, the gameplay is very simple and smooth, and players can establish a good and close relationship with it in the shortest possible time.

The game is first-person by default. The game world is in the form of three-dimensional terrains, and the cubes and liquids in the game represent various materials such as soil, rock, tree trunk, water, and lava.

The essence of the Minecraft game is to collect and place these objects on top of each other.

These blocks are spread in the game, and when the player moves freely in the world, they have to remove these blocks from the last place and place them where they can build a structure.

It can be mentioned that the game world is practically unlimited, and it will develop with the player's search and effort.

The game world has different ecosystems, including forests and deserts, snowy areas, plains, mountains, caves, seas, rivers, lavas, and valleys. The game system has two cycles of day and night, each of which in the real world lasts only twenty minutes. While playing, players encounter various creatures called mobs, such as animals, villagers, or enemies. Animals are obedient mobs that are produced during the day and are hunted for food and raw materials.

Enemy mobs such as spiders, skeletons, zombies are produced during the night or in dark places such as caves.

In-game modes

Creativity to the beyond!

There are two main modes in the original version of this game. The first one is Survival mode, and the second is the Creative mode.

In the game's survival mode, players must collect resources and try to keep their health and hunger.

In creative mode, gamers have an unlimited supply of resources, and you can go anywhere you desire. Also, in this matter, the level of health and hunger is not regarded for the gamer.

There is a third mode called Hardcore which is similar to survival mode but differs in difficulty. In this case, the player has only one life, and after death, he or she must remove the world that has been created.

Some of the Minecraft game features
In the Minecraft game, you can experience activities such as exploration, gathering resources, crafting, and fighting. One of the features of Minecraft that draws the attention of game streamers and other people throughout the world is the amount of unlimited creativity that you can bring to the game.

In this way, in the Minecraft game, the gamer can build freely and achieve whatever comes to mind with the cubes at their disposal. You can create a dream city according to your taste with all the facilities in the most beautiful shape possible.
Another feature of the game is excellent soundtracks.

In Minecraft, you can play in groups with friends via Wi-Fi.

The Minecraft game does not have high-end graphics, but it's one-of-a-kind design will fascinate gamers. Minecraft game streaming is still hot after all these years .

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