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Date 8/12/2021


Who are game streamers? Most popular video game streaming platforms

As their name suggests, they stream their games while playing. Most game streamers turn to streaming games to make money this way, so they play the most up-to-date and popular games with a large audience. For example, the two games Among Us and Ghost of Tsushima, which are among the best games of 2020 and became famous, game streamers between these two games focused more on Among Us because their audience was different types of people from different parts of the world who wanted to see the gameplay of this game, but Gamers who love the high graphics welcomed games like Ghost of Tsushima and The last of Us part2. This is precisely the difference between gamers and streamers.
Game streamers are usually successful in putting up a show. They can attract a large audience, because in addition to their voice, they also show their face while they are playing and are constantly talking to the audience. Still, a gamer who doesn't play a multiplayer game may not speak a word after several hours. Top game streamers usually use the best gaming keyboards and mice while streaming to look more professional.
Platforms like Twitch and YouTube Live allowed game streamers to make money more quickly, and most pro gamers joined these platforms. Professional game streamers usually work on Twitch and YouTube, and some of them are even members of prominent competition teams.

Twitch game streamers

With over 9 million active game streamers, Twitch is one of the world's most comprehensive streaming platforms, hosting a wide range of streaming activists. Twitch alone is one of the leaders in social media, exclusively in video games and electronic competitions.
Launched in 2011, the platform has attracted millions of video game and e-competition activists to date, from professional and influential computer game influencers who review various games in their genres in their streams to gamers who mainly stream only one or more games and are even known in the field of electronic competitions.
Twitch has become one of the best online platforms for game streamers to succeed. It provides an opportunity for anyone interested in the field to gather their target audience and share their favorite and unique content. The community of huge audiences of many famous streamers attracted the attention of various companies active in video games and hardware. Many activists in this field received financial support from their fans and followers, and some significant companies sponsored them. Therefore, Twitch can be considered one of the best platforms in the world to earn money through gaming streams.

YouTube game streamers


One of the features of YouTube is the ability to stream live. This service allows users to broadcast the program live on their channels. In addition to publishing pre-recorded videos to users, this feature has also provided the possibility of direct revenue generation for users.
However, access to this service is sometimes limited. But it is still the best choice for video games and live streaming due to its high audience, revenue generation, strong network, and optimal system. That's why YouTube has been able to introduce many content producers to its audience to date.
On the other hand, earning money from services such as YouTube is one of the most popular jobs of this era. And a streamer or content creator can make money from YouTube in a variety of ways. This revenue can be completely independent or in cooperation with YouTube's revenue-generating programs.

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