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Date 9/14/2021

Economics in the field of mobile games

Economics in the field of mobile games

The game industry is a highly money-making industry all over the world, and its revenue equals that of large film companies. According to statistics released in 2020, about 130 billion downloads of mobile games occurred through iOS and Google Play, and the revenue of these games reached $ 77 billion. In general, there are three types of platforms to run the game, which are console, PC, and mobile platforms. Games designed for console and PC platforms are professional in terms of marketing, and the way they are introduced and sold is the same. They also need high-level design, and adequate team and manpower. On the other hand, games designed for mobile platforms (such as games running on iOS and Android) do not require a lot of manpower.

In the following, I will mention some points related to mobile game.

Mobile is a hobby: People are increasingly using mobile phones for various tasks such as reading books and doing daily chores, and even many people, on the way from work to home and vice versa, are somehow entertaining themselves with mobile phones. This fun feature has made many businesses, especially gaming businesses, more and more attracted to this trend every day.

Business platform: Of all the smart devices, mobile access is more than any other device (such as tablets and laptops). Also, the emergence of new technologies (such as the Internet of Things and the formation of digital cities) has helped to increase mobile usage. For example, perhaps years ago, connecting to a CCTV camera via mobile phone was less common. But now, you can easily connect to the CCTV camera and check it using an IP address.

Highest access: Undoubtedly, in today's world, mobile has become an integral part of human life.

Ability to pay: With mobile, with a better price and more access than laptops and PCs, we can pay.

Profitability of game customers: The lifespan of customers in games is more than applications. Research shows that the lifespan of games is almost twice that of programs. In other words, gaming customers are more loyal. Suppose I install a mobile game. In different periods, it is possible to update this game. But even if you do not update the installed game, you can use it for at least 2 years.

High search for using the game: The word "Game" is one of the most searched words in the game application markets.

Corona: The outbreak of Covid-19 disease and people staying at home and disrupting traditional businesses boosted the growth of e-business, which in turn contributed to the huge growth in gaming.

Ways to make money from mobile games

Mobile in game payment

In-game payment: How to make money in mobile games is different from console and PC games. Here, the user downloads the game for free from various markets. Some of these games require a simple registration to run, and in others, you can start the game without registering. In some games, such as strategy games, there are a number of tools, which help the user to continue the game with better quality. To access these tools, the user must purchase them. Of course, even if no purchase is made, there will be no disruption in the game. These tools will only increase the quality and increase the enjoyment of the game. As a second example, I can refer to word games, in which you guess different words. In these games, you will be able to buy coins or points. For example, if you buy a thousand coins, you can get a small tip for 10 of these words.

Advertising: Advertising in mobile games comes in two forms, mandatory (forced) and optional. For example, for forced ads, a banner ad or pop-up ad will appear when installing the program, willingly or unwillingly. You can close it by ticking it. This type of advertising is also seen when you go from one level of the game to the next. Another type of advertising is optional advertising such as reward advertising. For example, by watching the ad for a few seconds, a number of new coins or tools are free in the game, and you can use them. To earn money through advertising, you need to go to advertising networks. Advertising networks connect advertisers and viewers, and your revenue will be calculated based on the number of views and clicks, according to campaigns created on these networks. One of the good features that these networks offer you is the data analysis service, which provides you with complete information about the age, gender, and game time of users.

Subscription-based sales of the game: In this way of selling, the user, in order to use the game, can buy a time subscription for the game. For example, using a one-year subscription, you will be able to use the game indefinitely for one year.

Direct sales of the game: In this way of selling, the user must pay you the full value of the game, to be able to use the game fully and for life. Of course, there is a big problem here, and that is that technology giants like Google have made people accustomed to using services for free. Suppose another search engine wants to charge you for each search. It is natural that people will be loyal to Google because of its free service, and they will not easily leave Google free service. For this reason, in my opinion, in-game payments are a better way to make money than selling games directly. Let me give you another example of in-game payments. For example, you have created themes for the game on various occasions such as Christmas, which users can use for a fee.

Run the early stages of the game for free: In this method, which is especially useful for strategy games, the person gets acquainted with the early stages of the mobile game for free, and receives training, which will build loyalty to the game. If the initial stages of the game are attractive enough, and the user receives the appropriate guidance at the beginning of the game, then it is easy to continue the game for a fee.

Selling game-related products: In this way, it is possible to earn money through methods other than the game itself. For example, those who produce content for advertising networks are an example of these people. Also imagine that a T-shirt was produced, on which the logo of a particular game was engraved. This will both draw attention to the game and increase T-shirt sales.

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