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Date 10/21/2021

Blockchain games

Best Blockchain games of 2021

Blockchain games are impenetrable to hacking, tampering, or otherwise altering as a recording and storing system for information as a form of ledger technology. The history of transactions on a network is, by definition, available to the general public. It's no secret that the blockchain underpins popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, opening up a new world of possibilities across virtual economies.

Most games have marketplaces where players can buy and sell items such as weapons, avatars, and loot boxes, among other things. Even if they paid real money for it, they might not be the owners of anything. The reason is that game developers have had complete control over game dynamics for the majority of gaming history, from the plot to the in-game assets collected by players. Because a single company owns everything, players don't own their accounts or their items. This model has other drawbacks, such as a lack of transparency and the potential for game mechanics to be manipulated.

Crypto games can earn you money

With Blockchain games, players have full control and ownership of their virtual assets in-game. Unique, non-fungible tokens typically represent assets (NFTs).

Open, distributed, and transparent ecosystems are made possible by blockchain technology. Game dynamics are controlled by players, not by gaming companies, and players can vote for or against changes. This keeps cheaters from ruining the fun for everyone else.

The ability to shut down a game at any time when it's running on a centralized server gives developers total freedom. Even if the developers stop working on a game, players will still play it thanks to blockchain.

Is it possible to make money playing blockchain games?

Because of the integration of cryptocurrencies for in-platform payments and NFTs, blockchain games are unique. As a result of NFTs, players can now trade or transfer their unique assets with other players within the same game or between different platforms. You can also profit from marketplaces in blockchain games, just as you can in the real world.

Best crypto games of 2021

Infinity Axie

Infinity Axie

Axie Infinity, the king of all crypto games, has elevated NFTs to an entirely new plane of existence. Some have compared the experience to playing Pokemon, and this game is full of Axies (or digital creatures), each of which is an NFT. Axies can be purchased, exchanged, and bred by players and used in seasonal tournaments to take on other players or teams. Even a rare Axie can be worth thousands of dollars, and a virtual plot of land recently changed hands for $1.5 million US. Axie Infinity's virtual economy, where in-game tokens Smooth Love Potion (SLP) and Axie Infinity Shard (AXS) are seeing massive gains, separates it from other gaming platforms (of up to 5,700 percent as of recently). Axie, on the other hand, encourages players to cash out, unlike other well-known operators. Finally, AXS can be exchanged for Ether or fiat currency, depending on your preferences.

Blankos Block Party

Of course, before launching Blankos, Mythical Games was already a well-known brand in the video game industry in general. This game lets you design your digital vinyl toys in the form of cartoon characters of your choosing. The game also enables users to create and explore virtual worlds in which they can gather unique 'Blankos,' take part in quests and take part in team activities such as gaming ("Block Parties").



Upland is one of the Blockchain games that users can buy, sell, and trade virtual land mapped to the real world. To earn UPX, "digital landlords" create and rent out properties. Virtual properties for sale are linked to real-life addresses in San Francisco and New York that can be purchased through the project's mapping. Recently, a beta program known as Property-to-USD has been added to the game, allowing players to exchange their properties for real money.


The Binance Smart Chain powers this free-to-play option, which combines gaming with DeFi. Players and investors will be able to access games from multiple blockchains on one platform, according to Mobox's creators, because of this approach. Players can earn money by participating in NFT games, which is the game's primary goal. To influence the growth and distribution of resources within the MOBOX eco-system, MBOX tokens are used for transaction processing, stake, and governance.

Gods Unchained

This card-fighting game has a lot in common with Hearthstone because it was inspired by Magic: The Gathering. To fight and win, players assemble decks of cards and engage in card battles. Because it's a blockchain-based game, players can sell or trade their winning cards whenever they want. Cards in digital collectible card games, like those in physical card games, can be extremely rare and expensive. There's a free-to-play option for those who aren't sure they want to put everything on the line.


Crypto Kitties

Despite being a pioneer in Blockchain games and a key player in the burgeoning crypto-collectibles market, CryptoKitties is still wildly popular. Various levels of rarity are available for users to purchase, breed, and trade adorable cartoon cats. You own the cats in this blockchain game, just like in others. CryptoKitties is a simple game, but it's incredibly engaging among Blockchain games.

Splinterlands, one of the most exciting card fighting Blockchain games


Splinterlands is a successful card fighter game with a player-driven economy, similar to Pokémon, Yugi-oh, and Magic. The game is simple to understand, and all cards and packs have an actual monetary value that can be traded. New cards can be purchased in the official in-game shop or on the market for other players to use.


With Candy Crush as its inspiration, Cryptopop has created a unique sound. To earn points, players must match the cryptocurrencies' symbols on the screen in the correct order.



Illuvium, a game that has not yet been released, has attracted a lot of attention because of the promise that it will be the first AAA game on Ethereum. However, there's no denying that Illuvium has a lot going for it to be a hit. The Ethereum blockchain powers this fantasy open-world battle game, populated by creatures known as Illuvials, each of which has unique abilities, classes, and classifications.

What are the benefits of participating in Blockchain games?

The advent of Blockchain games has opened up a plethora of possibilities. You can not only make money in virtual economies that are transparent and fair, but you will also be able to own real game assets and earn real money. Try them out if you can.

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