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Date 9/6/2021

Grand Theft Auto VI

Everything that we know so far about Grand Theft Auto VI: From characters to fascinating rumors

Although Grand Theft Auto VI has not yet been officially announced by Rockstar Games, there are many rumors about it, which we review in this article.

While the creators of Grand Theft Auto VI have been silent about it and may not intend to unveil their huge project any time soon, it is not bad to look at all the news and rumors that have been published about this game from various sources and may be from this way we can get an overview of one of the greatest works of the ninth generation.

The main character of Grand Theft Auto VI

One of the first rumors related to the GTA 6 game was dedicated to this issue, and about three years ago, a user with the nickname The Know provided information about the new rock star game; A whistleblower who has both a history of spreading the right information and false rumors in his record and therefore cannot be completely sure of what he said. But he was not the only person to mention this, and later others announced the presence of a female main character in Grand Theft Auto VI.

Given that GTA V had three main characters. Rockstar did it in the best possible way; it is not at all unlikely that we also have three or more main characters in the new game. It may be time for us to have a female protagonist for the first time in the series; still, there is a lot of talk about this matter due to its sensitivity.

In addition to the main character of the game, rumors and information about the presence of some cast members in the production process have been heard. One of them is Jorge Consejo, a 41-year-old Mexican actor who had previously mentioned voice acting in Grand Theft Auto VI in his resume in 2018.

But another hot rumor is that there will be no news of a main female character in the game, and the players take control of a person named "Ricardo," who starts his career from drug trafficking and gradually reaches higher levels and becomes one of the kingpins of drug trafficking. Along with him, another character named "Casey" will also play a key role in the game's story, as well as "Martin Madrazo," one of the characters in Grand Theft Auto V, as well as GTA Online with a younger age will be shown in Grand Theft Auto VI. There will be some missions related to his family.


According to the leaked information, the game will have an episodic mode similar to Red Dead Redemption 2, but it will not be as good as the RDR2 in terms of emotional elements, but we will see the best plot of the GTA series in this new game. It is also mentioned that in the game, we will meet "Ken Rosenberg" from GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas, and there are references to "Tommy Vercetti," the main character of GTA: Vice City, but he won't appear in the game.

Grand Theft Auto VI place of events and other features

Vice City

The leaked information referred to Vice City, where most of the game takes place, and a location in South America where some of the game's missions are pursued.

In another rumor, the game takes place in two different cities, one of which is again Vice City, and the other is an imaginary city based on Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. It is also said that some parts of the game took place in Liberty City.

The rumor included other information, including that the game was set in the 1970s and 1980s and that Netflix's Narcos series heavily inspired the creators. Prison will also play a significant role in the game, and an important part of the game will be pursued in this place. Also, the passage of time during the game is well felt, and from buildings to cars, other things change over time, and even their prices change; for example, special and classic cars become more expensive over time. The atmosphere of the cities is also realistically worked, and for example, when you are in parts related to South America, you hear less English. It was said that the game map would be smaller than Red Dead Redemption 2.

Release Date


Many believe that Grand Theft Auto VI will be released before 2026. We also expect to see a lot of information by the end of 2022, or even a cinematic trailer or a brief developer presentation of GTA 6. In any case, we still have to wait for the official introduction of Grand Theft Auto VI, and of course, we may not be too far from that day. Nothing is certain about the game yet, and only time will tell GTA fans and lovers.

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