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Date 8/27/2021

League of Legends

League of Legends, a fantastic MOBA game that you must try

The MOBA genre, abbreviated as Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, is perhaps one of the most successful and popular video game genres and has gained countless fans worldwide. When it comes to this genre, the first game that comes to mind is League of Legends.

Background of League of Legends

It all started with the development and popularity of Dota Mod in Warcraft 3. The idea of building a game with a similar but independent style came to the mind of one of the three Dota Mod developers known as Guinsoo, who was able to launch with the help of the newly established Riot Games studio this new game in 2008. And draw the attention of fans of this genre who may have been a little tired of Dota. The beta version of the LOL was released in April 2009 and was a huge success. Since then, the full version released in October 2009, the League of Legends, has been a free-to-play game.

League of Legends gameplay


First, you need to know that each character you choose to play has a specific role and is placed in different classifications. The classification of champions uses very strong RPG elements so that all classes, including Mage, Assassin, Fighter, Marksman, Tank, can be seen among the game characters. Still, the three classes of Support, Tank, and Damage Dealer are the important ones.

Each line in the game is currently designed for a specific class and is more suitable for that class. The top line is more suitable for Fighter and Tank classes, which have a lot of health and can take the front of 5-on-5 battles throughout the game. The winner of each line is considered as the winning side in a round. Mid-lane is suitable for Mage and Assassins who have classes with low health but high power to inflict heavy damage by their spells and abilities and must be in a good position in battle to have maximum efficiency.

Bottom-lane is the only line consisting of two players, one to play the role of Support and the other Damage Dealer, which is named ADC (short for attack damage carry ). The ADC class is suitable for remote damage without using various abilities and magic, but it is very fragile. It will be quickly killed by the enemy if placed in dangerous situations and a line of fire. Champions of Support class In addition to supporting ADC also has the role of obtaining information from the game map as well as Warding.

Victory is achieved by destroying the headquarters called the Nexus, but there will be many challenges to achieve this goal, and the game provides players with a variety of tools to win the round.



In the first years of League of Legends, there were 40 heroes in the game, but today, with the development of the game, this number has reached 153, and it's growing; Each champion is unique and special in its own way, and each of them has a passive feature and four other features that players will use throughout the game to win.


Regarding the game's graphics, it can be said that it is very eye-catching and lively at the moment. Over the years, the game's graphics engine has been greatly improved. It has something to say, while the game does not require powerful hardware to run smoothly, many players can experience it without any problem.

The battle map is very detailed, and each of the champions and their 3D models are well-designed, as well as their capabilities and the various spells they use are visually very appealing.

Top game streamers of League of Legends


We will first introduce a streamer known as one of the best players of League of Legends in the whole wide world. Pokimane is one of the best girl streamers in the world that we heard her name on Twitch, YouTube, and other platforms.


Rumay Wang is a famous League of Legends player who has won many awards for streaming her amazing skills in this game.


Sykkuno is an American streamer that first started producing video content focused on League of Legends for YouTube. He is one of the top game streamers of League of Legends.


Tyler, known as loltyler1, is from the United States and has become famous for streaming League of Legends on Twitch.

Bottom Line

Finally, League of Legends may not have been the first MOBA game, and it is not considered as the inventor of this genre; but it has certainly played an important role in the popularity of this genre and has been able to keep its audience engaged from the very beginning. You can immerse yourself in the gameplay and not even feel the passage of time, all because your sense of interaction with other humans in the form of legendary champions on the battlefield cannot be easily found in other video games.

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