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Date 8/23/2021

PUBG game

PUBG game, an outdated but still enjoying battle royal

Jumping, parachuting, landing, and trying to survive have made PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds one of the surprises of 2017 and possibly 2018 and the years to come. One of the surprises of 2017 was PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, or PUBG game for short, made by Bluehall Studios, which broke many records in the Early Access stage. It sold more than 30 million copies only in 2017-2018, and at that time, 3,200,000 players were fighting in the world of PUBG simultaneously. It is one of games streamed by top twitch game streamers.

Challenging gameplay!

PUBG challenges you from the beginning. Without any specific training, the game sends you directly into face-to-face combat with 99 other players, and you will witness the death and defeat of other players without the slightest mercy. The first time you enter the game, you will suddenly see your life diminish because, ironically, there is a circle that all players have to go into. The second time, you check the map, and this time, you quickly get to the circle before time runs out, but from a distance, you hear the roar of a bullet, and you see the famous text "Better Luck Next Time"! But the third time, you know that just running to reach the circle is not essential, and it is crucial to have the right equipment to face the enemies. This time again, you look around the houses and pay attention to the sound of the enemies' footsteps, you walk through the trees, and when you hear the slightest sound, you fall on the ground and examine your surroundings. That's how you should play the game!

PUBG game Gunplay and game environment


Although the gunplay of the PUBG game against Sledgehammer Studios, Games Machine, or Dice has nothing to say, it has managed to win the hearts of its players by offering limited but compelling content.

The plane's entrance to the map is cleverly designed so that you do not feel repetitive despite playing consecutively on a PUBG game map. On the other hand, the PUBG game has a great variety of weapons, weapon accessories, and medical equipment, and each weapon has a unique performance. In fact, in the early hours, most of the time, players focus on finding the abilities of each weapon, the effect of the attachment or accessories of each weapon, and finding the best place to jump with a parachute and your final goal is to be among the top players in the future rounds. So, first, focus on learning rather than being on top.

What is PUBG mobile lite?

PUBG mobile lite

If you have a smartphone with a weak CPU, PUBG Mobile Lite may be one of the few advanced mobile games that you can install and play on your mobile phone. This version is a light version of the standard version of the PUBG game and is made for smartphones that have a limited amount of RAM or weaker chips than the flagship phones.

If you have a low-end smartphone that you cannot install the latest and most demanding games on, PUBG Lite is a great choice.

Since the developers of PUBG Lite have made this PUBG game for low-end devices with two gigabytes or less RAM, the main difference between the two versions is the dramatic reduction in the graphics of the PUBG lite game.

Another difference between the two versions of PUBG is its modes. The original version of PUBG has more modes than PUBG lite lacks. Also, in standard modes, the original version of the PUBG game has more maps and allows you to continue playing in various modes. In general, if you have a regular phone and you like to experience smooth gameplay, it is better to download the lite version.


Playerunknown's Battlegrounds or PUBG game can be considered a leader in Battle Royale games. As a result, the game should be praised as a product that has introduced a new concept into the video game industry and has expanded this concept. At the time of its release, the game had many problems, but now most of the main issues have been fixed, thanks to the constant updates from the developers. For this reason, I consider the PUBG game to be the first successful product in the Battle Royale genre. PUBG does not have high-end graphics and is not unique in terms of gameplay features, but this game introduces players to the exact concept of "Battle Royale." PUBG was undoubtedly one of the most important games of 2017 and showed that PC players and, of course, other consoles still love engaging, exciting, and challenging games

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