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Date 10/7/2021


Twitch gaming livestream platform in a nutshell

When it comes to gaming livestream platform, one of the first names that comes to mind is Twitch, which looks like a TV with millions of different channels. Sharing content live is called Live Streaming, and the person who does it is called a Streamer. Viewers are the ones who watch streaming.

Twitch is currently a subsidiary of Amazon. In 2011, the online video broadcasting website launched another site for its video game section called Twitch. Three years later, in 2014, Amazon acquired Twitch. As I write this for you, Twitch is still owned by Amazon.

Creative content playing, live streaming of eSports tournaments, and live music are some of the features that this site offers. However, its main use is in streaming games live. Most of the people on this gaming livestream platform are gamers and their fans. Streamers can chat with their users and viewers online while streaming the game. Three other competitors in this field are Mixer, Facebook Gaming and YouTube Gaming.

Gaming livestream platforms

In Twitch, you can share videos both streamed and pre-recorded. As of January 2021, there were 9.89 million active streamers on the platform, although that number dropped to about 8 million in September. According to SimilarWeb, in February 2021, Twitch was ranked 38th in terms of global traffic and 2nd in terms of games. This platform gives you a great opportunity to earn money. For example, game companies use this service to introduce their games. Gamers can play on Twitch before buying the game, and their followers can watch the game live. If game viewers purchase the game through the gamer link, the game developer will pay a portion of the game sales revenue to the gamer.

You can browse and watch your favorite content for free. Sony and Microsoft consoles have dedicated the gaming livestream platform tools on Twitch that can be used without the need for additional software. However, using Twitch on PC and Windows requires some software and peripherals.

To work on this service, you must create an account before doing anything else. The Sign Up option will allow you to register on the site. When registering, there are two ways in front of you. The first method is to create a new account. Alternatively, you can sync your account with your Facebook account. After entering the personal page, you will encounter many features and capabilities. At the top right of the site home page is the profile icon. Clicking on this icon will open the account quick access menu, which will allow you to edit your account settings and log in to your personal channel. Each streamer must have a channel to be able to connect the game they are playing to the channel via a personal computer or game console. One of the most important tools for streaming is a high quality webcam to show the gamer image. Webcams allow you to be known and attract more followers, but if not used properly, they will reduce the number of followers. Good lighting is very important to increase the clarity of the face. The camera background should be as empty as possible. Many professional streamers completely remove the background using a green curtain. The second tool that is very important is a good microphone with the right settings. If the sound of your microphone has an echo, it will annoy the listener. Instead of using separate headphones and microphones, you can also use a high quality headset. If you want to play music while streaming, make sure that the music is not copyrighted. If the music is copyrighted, your stream will be muted while playing unauthorized music. You can stream 24 hours a day through the channel you have on the gaming livestream platform, but this is not required and you can turn off your channel whenever you do not want to stream live.

Although it is possible to upload games to Twitch, the main focus of this service is on streaming video games live. One of the free streaming softwares is called Streamlabs OBS. The software stores all graphics on cloud networks. In addition, streaming and personalizing is easy in this software. On the other hand, Twitch gaming livestream platform itself has introduced a proprietary software called Twitch Studio, which if you use it, you will not need other softwares.

Now let's look at the different sections of the stream page. The bar on the left side of the page shows you the list of accounts you follow, and their online/offline status. When you follow a streamer, the software will notify you whenever the streamer goes online and shares its content. The main page allows you to search and view streams. In addition, Twitch itself offers suggestions based on your taste and the videos you have already seen. At the bottom left of the live stream page, the subject and language are visible. At the bottom right of the page, there are buttons to follow, turn on notifications, and subscribe to the streamer account. In addition, in this section, you can see the number of online stream viewers, the elapsed time, and the live stream sharing option. Below the streamer page, there is a lot of information that will make you more familiar with the streamer. This section also includes frequently asked questions, which are answered to help you become more familiar with streamer. On the right side of the page, there is a chat box for users to interact with the streamer. Undoubtedly, the chat box is the strongest part of the gaming livestream platform, which is filled with stickers, each of which has a specific meaning. Another useful feature of the chat box is that you can mention your desired user with an @ sign. The third feature in this section is sending a private chat, which is called Whisper. Whisper is usually located at the bottom right of the screen. If users have questions about the game or want to know more about you, the chat box will allow them to do so. Next to some users' names, there are visual icons called Badgets. The Twitch service and streamers define roles using user badgets. For example, the diamond icon is for the VIP role, pointing to loyal users, streamer friends, and selected users. Another badget is Turbo user, which is used for the monthly subscriber of the Twitch premium service. As a third example, I can mention incentive badgets, which are used to appreciate users who provide financial or moral support. The admins of each chat box, which help the streamer manage the chat, are called Moderators, whose badget icon is a green sword. Another interesting feature in Twitch is the Auto hosting feature. With this feature, you can set up your channel to automatically host a list of pre-approved channels or members of your Twitch team, if you are not present. Auto hosting is a great way to support other gamers and help the community grow. This service is relatively simple to configure.

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