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Date 9/30/2021

Haptic feedback

Short Story: The Truth About Haptic Feedback Gaming

When we talk about Haptic feedback, we immediately think of its prototype in phones, called Vibration. On mobile phones, shaking the phone while receiving messages and calls is, in fact, an example of Haptic feedback. You must have come across smartphones which vibrate with the touch of your finger on the touch screen, so you can experience the feeling of pressing a key. Of course, If such a possibility did not exist in front of you, your user experience would not be very interesting.

The first application of this technology was in large aircraft control systems. Since the late 1990s, game console manufacturers have begun to use vibration motors in video game controllers. Although the technology already existed, the advent of Sony's PlayStation 5 Dual Sense controller made the public more familiar with the concept.

DualSense game controller

Some of the areas that use this technology are computer games, robotics, medicine and the military.

Tesla Suit's new clothing design introduced Haptic feedback technology to the gaming industry a few years ago.

Tesla suit

The suit had a motion recording system that could use sensors to transmit body position to a virtual environment. The clothes also had thermal control and you could use it to feel the weight of objects in the virtual world. In addition, the clothes stimulated the body's nerves by using neuroelectrical stimulation of the skin to enhance your virtual reality experience and immerse yourself in the virtual world.

In fact, Haptic feedback is very simple on regular mobile phones, and you always get a fixed vibration. But current video game controllers allow you to receive variable vibrations while playing. For example, the controllers produce different vibrations, pressures and forces during an explosion, when water hits the ground, when you shoot a bullet, and when your car deviates from the road towards a rough ground, giving a sense of near-realistic artificial touch. As another example, suppose you take on the role of Spider-Man. The mentioned technology helps you feel the amount of energy you expend on each fist under your hands.

Literally, Haptics is a touch-based interaction. There are several ways to implement this technology. The most widely used method, especially in smartphones, is to use vibration motors to implement Haptic feedback. Various mechanisms can cause this vibration. In its simplest form, vibration can be created with the help of an eccentric rotating object. Currently, however, most high-end smartphone products use the Linear Resonant Actuator (LRA) vibration motors. The performance of this motor is based on linear oscillation. Here, a small magnet attaches to a spring, and with the help of electromagnetic force travels rapidly back and forth in a linear direction, causing vibration. The new generation of vibration motors can use another mechanism called piezoelectric motors. In these motors, there is a ceramic material which expands and contracts as it receives an electric charge (bends quickly) and vibrates. The second method in implementing Haptics is to use force feedback. The other two methods are air vortex rings and ultrasound beams. Ultrasound can both create a sense of pressure on the finger and can create a sense of vibration.

Here let me mention three newest softwares that support Haptic feedback.

If your phone supports Haptics and is equipped with smart and advanced vibration engines, then you can experience Haptics by scrolling old photos in the Android and iOS versions of Google Photos.

The soon-to-be-released FIFA 22, like FIFA 21, supports this feature in the PlayStation 5 console. Here, in addition to three-dimensional sound, unique vibrations are designed for cross, tackle and collision of the ball with the football goal net.

In the new update of the PlayStation 5 version of the horror game The Medium, the Haptic feedback performance of the Dual Sense controller has been improved. The presence of gamers in two parallel worlds simultaneously is a prominent feature of this game. In addition, the game also supports Ray Tracing. Ray Tracing is a type of graphic processing which makes the game look more realistic. This technology finds each of the light sources in the game world and presents their interaction with the environment in accordance with the real world and based on shadows.

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