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Date 9/29/2021


World of Warcraft, a great MMORPG that modern players can also enjoy

World of Warcraft is a well-known title these days, it's an excellent game from Blizzard, and undoubtedly, it's one of the best video games in history.

The World of Warcraft story is in line with Warcraft because they are both made by the same company, but remember that the genre of the world of Warcraft is completely different from Warcraft. You can only experience World of Warcraft online, unlike its predecessor.

This genre of this game is MMORPG, and you, as a hero whose task is to kill enemies, by using a large number of skills and spells in their benefit, by using these skills and spells, you can attack your enemies and eliminate them.

Story of World of Warcraft

Compelling story

The story of the WOW is taken from the best-selling novel, Warcraft, which is sold in several volumes and several languages around the world. The story of the game takes place on a planet called Azeroth, and it starts from where a new group called Orcs move towards Azeroth due to the destruction of their world, and the Alliances are not pleased with this event, and therefore an endless war begins. The Hordes and the Alliances that are the main groups of the game start fighting each other; while at war, they must also go to war with other enemies and demons on their own planet, Azeroth, to survive.

Horde & Alliance are present in the game as two completely different factions that conspire against each other, and each of the groups consists of several different races. Of course, new planets will be added to the game in the continuation of the game.

The initial version of World of Warcraft was released in November 2004, and up until now, it has eight expansion packs.

World of Warcraft gameplay

World of Warcraft gameplay

Well, as we said before, this game is in the MMORPG genre.

As a player, the first thing you have to do is create a character (hero) for yourself. To create your own character, you must first select a race in one of the Horde and Alliance factions and then select your desired class from the available classes in the game. Classes have different roles in the game, and each has its abilities and spells, and naturally, how you play with each class is different from the other.

In the game, depending on the character class you have created, you will have many spells, each of which has a specific use.

You will also have access to another section called Talent, which depending on the selection of your talents, you may change your spell, consider new spells for your character, or even make your spells more powerful.

Each hero has several talents, each of which has a specific use, and these talents make you experience different styles of play; for example, the hero who has the role of DPS has its talent. He is the one who does damage to the opponent, and his task is destroying the enemy; and for example, the Healer character has his talent, too. His job is to keep his teammates alive so that they can fight.

Blizzard has worked very well in terms of gameplay, and in fact, the originality of this genre of the game belongs to Blizzard, and other companies and games have modeled on Blizzard. Most of the games from this genre have been inspired a lot by World of Warcraft. As a player, you can experience the game in two types, PVP (Player vs. Player) and PvE (Player vs. Environment), and these two types are very different in all terms of each other.


Word of Warcraft does not have high-end graphics, and it is not bad because the game world of WOW is huge. The game takes a lot of disk space, nearly 100 GB. Despite the low graphics, the game will never lose its value, and of course, the game's graphics have improved significantly over the years from the release date.

Top game streamers of world of Warcraft

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  • cdewx
  • Prefoxfox

World of Warcraft Soundtracks

The music and sounds that have been made for this game are very diverse and beautiful, and in a special way, it conveys the excitement that exists in the game to the players.

Soundtracks are generally awesome in World of Warcraft, and you don't hear routine soundtracks for every moment of the game. For example, in the battle's height, the pace of the soundtrack will be faster, and you hear more exciting sounds.

You will hear different music depending on the location, dungeons and raids, cities, whether you are at war or not, and this is one of the most enjoyable parts of the game. Blizzard performed very well in this section and will receive a passing score.

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