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Date 9/18/2021


Valorant, an Entertaining experience that doesn't offer much!

A while ago, Valorant was finally officially released for PC and came out of beta, and fortunately, the game is completely free (Free to Play), and it takes a very small amount of disk size; Apart from that, you have probably heard a lot that the game is very similar to Apex Legends, Overwatch and Counter-Strike Global Offensive and you are not sure to whether play this game or not. Today, we will take a look at Valorant. Let’s see this title worth’s your precious time or not?

The gameplay reminds you of some famous games, but it has its charm

Fun to play

When you first enter Valorant, you will probably be reminded of Overwatch, Apex Legends, and especially CS:GO, which is not bad. Riot Games has received inspiration from the mentioned games. But the truth is that the combination of these gameplays is not such that you can call this game a pure copy, and it actually created a new genre of its own.
For example, your feeling after shooting with a gun is not similar to any game you have experienced before. To some extent, it can be stated that Valorant has brand new gameplay, but do not forget that the creators inspired a lot from the above games. In general, the gameplay can be satisfying for everyone, and it can be said that it's a good game in terms of gameplay.

Although several gameplay elements, such as the weapon purchase system and ability upgrades, are completely similar to the counter-strike, they don't negatively affect your experience.

The number of characters is appropriate, but honestly, they do not have special and new abilities

There are currently 11 main characters in the game, and you are free to choose any of them. These characters have four main powers, three of which you have to buy during the game, and the other power, which is the primary and strongest power of the game, must be unlocked by killing enemies or finding it in different parts of the map. But unfortunately, when I compare the ability and perks of the characters in terms of effectiveness with a game like Overwatch, we practically see that Valorant has nothing special to say.

This does not mean that the abilities of all the characters are in vain. Still, the degree of their effectiveness and especially their creativity and innovation is not satisfactory for people playing Overwatch for several years.

The Valorant does not yet have much content to entertain you for a long time

Became repetitive

It has not been long since this game was released, and of course, it does not have much content and sections yet, and new characters, maps, and new modes will be added to the game in future updates and months. But even though the game is new with a few days or even hours of game experience, you will no longer have that initial passion.

The game graphics are very attractive and optimal

At first glance, watching a few pictures or even a video of the game's fantasy and cartoon graphics may not draw your attention, but rest assured that after a few minutes of experiencing Valorant, you will be satisfied and may give the game a second chance.

The variety of guns is great

Fortunately, for a new free-to-play title, the variety of weapons is at an acceptable level. If we want to be fair, you can find almost any favorite weapon you have seen in the previously prominent shooter.

Release date of Valorant Mobile for Android and iOS

Anna Donlon, the executive producer of Riot Games Studios, has officially confirmed the release of Valorant Mobile and stated that it is likely to be released in mid-2022.

Top game streamers of Valorant

Shahzeb "ShahZaM" Khan

Matthew "Wardell" Yu

Spencer "Hiko" Martin

Tyson "TenZ" Ngo

Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek

Is it worth playing?

Putting together the positive and negative features of the game, we realize that the game still has work to do, and the basic and important parts of the game are not yet complete and are in the so-called semi-finished state. But apart from that, Valorant is fun and, given that it is free and requires very small disk space, you better give it a shot and try it at least once.

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