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Date 8/21/2021


Fortnite game, a massive Battle Royal that you must try!

If you are an active gamer that will try everything, you've probably heard of the Fortnite game. This is one of the games that top streamers play on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. The game was introduced by Epic Gaming in early 2017 and has found more than 125 million gamers so far. According to the company, 40 million users play Fortnite game online every month.

Fortnite is an online third-person multiplayer shooter game that is available on different platforms. You can play this game on PC, PS4, Xbox, and more recently on mobile phones.

The epic Game Company designed its game to face the great success of Player Unknown's Battleground. Due to the simplicity and convenience of the game, it quickly gained a lot of popularity. It should be noted that downloading this game is completely free, and some game features, such as Skins, can be purchased later, similar to other online games. Over time, new packages were added to the game until Fortnite Battle Royal was recognized as the final package.

Fortnite game environment and gameplay

The game environment and how to play it is very simple. One hundred players enter an extensive environment, and the last person who survives is the winner of the game. When a person wants to enter the game, they choose the landing place and land in the desired place by plane with a free fall. For the game not to lose its charm and for the players to get more involved, the designers have made a blue storm that gradually reduces the game environment, thus forcing the players has to move at the center of their map and, in the process, have to eliminate other players. Better clothes, better weapons, and more facilities increase a player's chances of survival.

The beginning of each round of the game will not be very interesting for each person because everyone is looking for weapons and other facilities for their construction. Of course, the Fortnite game is designed so that better weapons are located in the center of the map, and you have to choose whether you are willing to take the risk to go to the center of the Fortnite map or slowly equip yourself and fight your enemies.

Features that differentiate the Fortnite game from its other competitors


One of the unique features that make the Fortnite game so enjoyable is the tracking of players. Every time you fire a bullet or use your weapon, your position is revealed, and other players find your hiding place, and you may lose your life because each bullet leaves a trace. This is one of the features that we only see in Fortnite game and not PUBG. In Fortnite, you can not kill all the opponents quietly. This action may take you to the last ten people, but eventually, you will have to face them directly.


Another fantastic attribute of the game is the construction part. You only have one life, and the game forces you to fight, so at the end of each round, whoever has the most loot or resources will have a better chance of winning. Almost everything seen in the Fortnite game can be destroyed with an ax and use its given resources. You can destroy trees, rocks, and machines to obtain wood, stone, and metal. With these resources, you can start building things. For example, you can build a bridge for yourself. You can build a tower for yourself and take refuge on top of it, and target opponents. Build stairs or walls. Of course, everything made by players is equally destructive.

Construction in the Fortnite game is straightforward and fast because sometimes you have to build a wall or stairs during combat. Because of this, the creators of the game have designed the construction part quickly. So that you can build things fast.

After the great success of this game, the company targeted the owners of smartphones to expand and increase the number of its players. The game was first introduced on iOS and was available in the Google Store in April 2018. Fortnite mobile game is not a lite version of the original game. To experience this game better, the company put the full version of the game on mobile so that fans who want to have this experience on the phone can fully enjoy the game. Of course, it should be noted that playing on the phone and touch screen may be much more complicated than on consoles and computers.

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