Game Streamers

Real Name
62 Daphne 9/8/2021 39daph 2 Twitch
208 Brandi Nick 9/8/2021 DizzyKitten 2 Twitch
209 Janet Rose 9/8/2021 xChocoBars 2 Twitch
210 Lisa Vannatta 9/8/2021 STPeach 3 Twitch
7 Felix Lengyel 9/7/2021 xQcOW 4 Twitch
13 Nicholas Kolcheff 9/7/2021 Nickmercs 4 Twitch
12 Timothy John Betar 9/7/2021 TimTheTatman 4 Twitch
45 Turner Tenney 9/7/2021 Tfue 5 Twitch
78 Mason Lanier 9/7/2021 Symfuhny 3 Twitch
137 Jordan Maron 9/7/2021 CaptainSparklez 5 YouTube
140 Patrick Brown 9/7/2021 PopularMMOs 5 YouTube
185 Kris Lamberson 9/7/2021 Swagg 3 Twitch
186 Dmity Osintsev 9/7/2021 Recrent 2 Twitch
187 Stephan 9/7/2021 its_iron 1 Twitch
188 NA 9/7/2021 chowh1 1 Twitch
189 Aydan Conrad 9/7/2021 Aydan 3 Twitch
190 Jordan Thomas 9/7/2021 HusKerrs 2 Twitch
191 Charlie Saouma 9/7/2021 MuTeX 2 Twitch
192 Timmy An 9/7/2021 iiTzTimmy 3 Twitch
193 Phillip Dosen 9/7/2021 TSM_ImperialHal 3 Twitch

Why should the Top Game Streamer seekers use StreamCheckup?

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Millions of people now stream their own videos through platforms like Twitch and YouTube. To know the high number of these people, it is enough to know that the Twitch platform alone hosts more than 9 million streamers. Some of these people are fans of various video games (for example, Minecraft and Fortnite). You can follow their gameplay online.

Many sites can be found on the Internet that display the statistics of different streamers. Some web pages also introduce top game streamers every month or year. All of this prompted the StreamCheckup team to create a database of popular Twitch and YouTube game streamers. The database is updated early each month, and new gamers with more than 100,000 followers, as well as high-profile gamers, will be added to the list.

If you know a new gamer with the above information whose information is not seen in our database, you can let us know via the "Contact us" page or email

In the Home page of the site or by selecting the "Game Streamers" option, the list of popular game streamers will be visible.

1. You can click on the title of each column to sort the database data in ascending or descending order according to the desired field.‌

By default, data is displayed in descending order by "Date".

2. One of the most important fields on this page is called the "Rating" field. In this column, streamers with at least 100,000 and less than 500,000 followers have a Rating of 1. People with at least 500,000 and less than 1 million followers will have a rating of 2. The rating of people with at least 1 million and less than 5 million followers is equal to 3. The rating of people with at least 5 million and less than 10 million followers is equal to 4. Game streamers with at least 10 million followers and less than 50 million followers will receive a Rating of 5. Finally, the rating of streamers with at least 50 million followers is equal to 6.

Suppose you want to look for high-end game streamers related to Fortnite. First, type Fortnite in the search box and press the "Search" button. This will display a list of Fortnite game streamers. After this, by clicking on the title of the "Rating" column, the information of these special people, according to the ranking, will be sorted in ascending order, and with another click, this data will be sorted in descending order.

3. Fantastic search capability mentioned in part in the previous example: The drop-down box next to the "Search" button shows the various search modes, the default being "Auto".

Important Note: If you want to see the full list again, delete the phrase in the search box and press the "Search" button. If the full list is not displayed, click a space in the search box and then press the "Search" button. Search capability is also available in the articles section of the site.

4. At the bottom of the list of records, the total number of people is displayed. If the data is large, you will be able to navigate to the before and after pages.

By selecting the "Stream articles" option, you will have access to the latest articles on the site. We have already explained the search and sorting features.

This site was created by Hamed Yousefi and some other stream game enthusiasts.